I love to sing. I sing in the shower in the morning. I sing when I’m in the car. I even go out to sing at Karaoke bars with friends on the weekends. My friends tell me that I have a good enough voice to make it big one day. Maybe this might be true if it weren’t for two major things. I have a hard time because I have vocal barriers. I’m limited in this sense. Next, I don’t know how to get my singing ability to the highest level, where I’ll be glad to show it off to the world.

I watch certain reality shows such as “American Idol” and “The Voice”, even “America’s Got Talent”. I’m amazed at how incredible some of the singers voices sound. These singers will have perfect pitch, incredible ability, near perfect control, agility and to top it off a whole lot of confidence and endless vocal range. I try to improve my singing ability, but I seem to be stuck. I don’t want to be an average singer. If I’m serious about pursuing this as a career, then I want to be world class.

What I need to change is how I go about practicing. I need to focus on properly training my voice. I’ve purchased vocal training systems in the past that promised to provide me with some effective vocal exercises, but I didn’t get the guidance I really needed. I was left on my own to understand things.

“Superior Singing Method” is a program where I get to train using a form of active vocal improvement in order to stir my natural singing ability and improve each area of my singing voice. This means I can begin singing the way I know I’m capable of and gain supreme control over my voice, with incredible power and vocal range in order to hit the type of notes most people dream of with simplicity and confidence.

Superior Singing Method is as close as it gets to feeling like you have a personal voice coach showing you exactly the inner workings of your voice, how to use it and work with every muscle group in it in order to achieve unbelievable results.

What’s the “Superior Singing Method” exactly?

The Superior Singing Method is a multimedia, internet based training course that lets you train your voice in order to reach new levels in your singing ability. Inside the course there’s step by step vocal training videos, different vocal exercises, tools, techniques, tips as well as feedback from well over 10,000 people. These people would include world class professional singers, musicians, recording artists, and newbies. All of these are people who have used the program to take their signing to new heights.

There are 31 powerful, vocal training exercises and daily exercise routines. These are proven to be effective at building each aspect of your singing voice so you can see results fast. This program is designed to help enhance singing ability in distinct ways.

Now all of this sounds good, but I know people want to know exactly what each part of the program is going to include. So now let’s get into what’s included in the different modules:
superior singing method modules
Module 1: Voice Warm Up Exercises

You can say that the exercises and lessons included here are the heart of the whole program. Using these is what will get you on the right path to quick vocal improvement. You’ll learn all about the basics of singing and different exercises you can use to get the most out of your voice. How to improve pitch, vocal agility along with vocal strength and more.

Module 2: Breath Management and Diaphragm Breathing

Here is where you’ll learn the basics of what you need in order to build the right habits for a top level singing performance. The majority of issues you have when you sing will be worked on here. You get information on how to sing the right way, how to have a more steady voice and controlled voice, how to sing on key, reach higher notes as well as pelt them out with more force.

Module 3: Mastering Vocal Tone

If you want to have a voice that’s not cookie cutter, then superior vocal tone is key. The key is to build your tone so you can get the most out of it. This module shows you how to get your voice to the next level, how to deal with nasality in your voice as well as a tip to help your voice have a rich and even sound. This is even when your singing notes at the top of your range ceiling.

Module 4: Improving Pitch

I sing well, but I know I can sing off key at times and when I do it’s beyond embarrassing. In Module 4 you’ll be shown how to build pitch so that singing on key becomes easier. Have a better developed ear so you can hit different notes without feeling insecure, and how to shape your vowels so great pitch can be sustained at all times.

Module 5: Resonance and Singing With Power

Module 5 shows you how to make use of resonance to sing using more force and keep good vocal tone at the same time. Here you’ll learn to build your vocal stamina so you can sing using a more powerful voice without putting too much on yourself. Learn how to get rid of tension that hurts resonance, strengthen your voice and become more confident as a singer.

Module 6: The Mix Voice and Singing Higher Notes

In Module 6 users are going to get access to exercises they’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. These are going to help you to increase your vocal range so singing in higher notes becomes easier without having to strain or worry about a cracking voice. Specifics in this module include how to sing higher notes with less strain, building a good mix voice, and getting rid of cracks or breaks in your voice.

Module 7: Improving Vocal Agility

Module 7 is going to show you how to sing from note to note. This would include making huge voice jumps in your range while singing the right notes well. You’ll learn how to train your voice in order to shift from note to note more precisely and with more control. And how to do vocal runs while avoiding sliding up or down to the right note while building better pitch overall.

Module 8: Advanced Strengthening and Vocal Techniques

I don’t want to be an average singer and I’m sure anyone reading this doesn’t either. In this module you’ll learn advanced methods to teach you how to have superior control and vocal ability. Here you’ll challenge your voice so you can get out of your comfort zone, sing higher notes, build more power, heighten range, smooth out pitch problems, agility, sing longer without getting fatigued and more.

superior singing method exercises

Program Pros:

Program can be taken anywhere.

If you want to learn the lessons on the go you can. You don’t have to be stuck in your house or in a singing studio in order to use this program. You can view the lessons on an iPod, MP3 player, tablet, laptop or iPhone. Voice improvement can take place fast.

Lessons are easy to comprehend. Aaron Anastasi made sure to sectionize the course so that it’s easy to follow the lessons and modules. There are complete step-by-step instructions even a complete beginner can understand.

Program is easier than paying for private voice lessons.

If you live in certain areas of the country, then you’ll pay a pretty penny for a vocal coach and there’s no guarantee of improvement. With Superior Singing Method you only have to pay a one-time fee in order to access the whole course.

Complete money back guarantee.

If after you’ve put the course to work for you and you find your voice hasn’t improved, then you have a chance to return it within 60 days for a complete money back guarantee. The refund rate is low with this program, but it helps to know the author puts this kind of faith into his product.

Program Cons:

Dedication is Needed

Even though this program is designed to show anyone how to sing better, people should not expect to go from beginner to middle level and then professional in a quick period of time. You need to be dedicated and practice frequently in order to become a professional.

Be prepared to make lifestyle and dietary changes

Understand that professional singers have to watch what they eat in order to sing at the top of their game. You’ll need to think the same way when using this program. Different foods affect your singing voice, and these will need to be eliminated or minimized.

Some would prefer an actual voice coach

I would say this is the main flaw for most people. The program is digital and people might feel they just can’t take their singing to the next level without having someone in person instructing them.

So what’s my final verdict?

I want to be a superior singer, and if I’m going to get to a superior level I need to use a program other people believe in. Superior Singing Method has been used by well over 10,000 people across the globe. It obviously is tested and proven to produce results. I feel this program can help me to bring out the best in my singing voice and help me be a superior performer. Superior vocal range, tone, power and more can all be improved upon here.

I had no idea how many different aspects of my voice needed work until I used this program. For the small cost I’d say it certainly beats going to a vocal coach, whose only goal might be to keep you coming back again and again. Superior Singing Method will work for any singer, beginner or advanced who wants to elevate themselves to the realm of exceptional.

The program is complete, broken down so it can be digested easily, and comes with all sorts of support so you’re never alone. It won’t work like magic, but I honestly believe anyone who wants a realistic way to build their singing voice will gain a lot from using SSM.